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Posted by ViciousTyrant - March 7th, 2019

Starting from March 15th, and over the course of the following week I will be raffling out free base sketch work to anyone who follows me here and on Picarto, my primary streaming website. There are no limits to how many sketches you could win, only that you are required to be a watcher on those platforms.

The base sketches are single character only, no armor or background elements. Weapons are fine, clothes are fine, wings are fine. You can either offer a reference for the pose you want or wing it, either is fine. You are also allowed to request an upgrade to color after the sketch is completed.

In addition to this, if you watch/follow me on each and any of the following websites, I will gift you a one-time only $10 off discount:





Each one site counts as $10 and can accumulate up to a total of $40 (Yes, they stack)

If you cannot for any reason watch/follow me on one of these websites, you can do so on HentaiFoundry instead as a substitute:


In addition, if you become a pledge on my Patreon, you can combine the growth drive discounts with the pledge discounts of the available tiers.


Do note that as a Patreon pledge, the discounts from it is permanent on all subsequent commissions so if you stick around. ;)

Alternatively, if you already are a follower or for some reason can't watch the needed platforms to hit the max possible discount, just give this journal a shout-out, share with your friends. GET THE WORD OUT.

Just doing Picarto and Furaffinity alone nets you $20 off, so even the the bare minimum guarantees SOMETHING and most of you who catch this journal should already be verified to enter the event.

To prove that you have completed the tasks, send me screenshots of your successful watches to me either by PM, Discord (ViciousTyrant#7578) or to my email at ambrooks1985[at]gmail.com.

If it's all a bit convoluted and confusing, I understand. Feel free to hit me up for more information and I'll clear up any confusion.


HentaiFoundry Watch Tutorial

Step 1

Join Hentai Foundry


Step 2

Find my page


Example- https://imgur.com/YMTfP0O

Step 3

Check all the boxes, then add to watchlist.

Example - https://imgur.com/tEZE4q1

If successful, you should see me

Here - https://imgur.com/DLXtxgZ

and Here - https://imgur.com/ZkAxgM9

Examples of Screenshots for Discount Entry

Picarto - https://imgur.com/9ALwHrR

Twitter - https://imgur.com/17uyjRJ

FurAffinity - https://imgur.com/uKErPYL

Newgrounds - https://imgur.com/i836285

HentaiFoundry - https://imgur.com/DLXtxgZ and https://imgur.com/ZkAxgM9

Patreon - https://imgur.com/5dxAUKh

That's all there is to it. Hope to see you there and thank you for your time.

Posted by ViciousTyrant - March 5th, 2019

Read the Terms of Service Here!


Order a Commission using the form here!


Base Sketches - $20


Flat Color - $25


Hard Shades - $40


Full Color - $60


Digital Paintings - $100




 $1 Patreon pledges get 10% off base commission price, $5 Patreon pledges get 25% off base commission price.


You can find and follow me at the following websites




Posted by ViciousTyrant - February 23rd, 2019

I have varying degrees of flexibility to my work, what I will and won't draw. I can draw humans and humanoids like elves and dwarves. Furries of most variants and subsets, sonic-styled ocs. Really, it depends on the character design and subject matter regarding what I will and won't draw. Although I can do safe for work, I primarily draw porn. Let's get that out of the way first and foremost. I do not have a preference for any sex, gender, or orientation. I can and WILL draw straight, gay, bisexual, and trans characters and situations. Pussies and dicks alike I respect equally.

Single character commissions are $20 for a base sketch, 25 to add color, 40 for hard shades, and 60 for full color.

Extra characters are 15 for a half body, 30 for a full body.

Props, floating dicks, armor, and isolated landscape elements like a tree or rock are $10

While it shouldn't take TOO long to complete a commission, unless an emergency comes up, if you want a commission to be completed by a certain time frame, I have a priority option available that guarantees the completion of your request in less than two weeks. Otherwise, assume I will complete the commission at my leisure. Priority is priced at $40

While I enjoy some artistic freedom, I would appreciate at least a base idea of what you want. I don't have any particular preferences either, though I do enjoy drawing asses.

Unless the client requests otherwise, ALL of my commissions are live-streamed so you can see the development of your request personally. I also provide WIP screenshots through notes/pms and on discord and on twitter.

If you become a patreon pledge, you will receive the benefit of a special commission discount, reducing the total price of your commission (With the exception of the priority option, which is a separate charge from the total)

$1 patreon pledges will have their commission price reduced by 10%

$5 patreon pledges will have their commission price reduced by 25%


https://tinyurl.com/ViciousTyrantTermsofService - Read the Terms of Service Here!

https://tinyurl.com/ViciousTyrantCommissionForm - Order a Commission using the form here!

ViciousTyrant#7578 - My Discord Number

https://twitter.com/TyrantKingVic - My Twitter

https://www.furaffinity.net/user/vicioustyrant/ - My Furaffinity where the bulk of my work currently resides

https://picarto.tv/ViciousTyrant - My picarto, where I livestream all of my commissions.

If there are any questions, send me a message somewhere and I'll get back to you when I can.