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Commissions are Open

Posted by ViciousTyrant - February 23rd, 2019

I have varying degrees of flexibility to my work, what I will and won't draw. I can draw humans and humanoids like elves and dwarves. Furries of most variants and subsets, sonic-styled ocs. Really, it depends on the character design and subject matter regarding what I will and won't draw. Although I can do safe for work, I primarily draw porn. Let's get that out of the way first and foremost. I do not have a preference for any sex, gender, or orientation. I can and WILL draw straight, gay, bisexual, and trans characters and situations. Pussies and dicks alike I respect equally.

Single character commissions are $20 for a base sketch, 25 to add color, 40 for hard shades, and 60 for full color.

Extra characters are 15 for a half body, 30 for a full body.

Props, floating dicks, armor, and isolated landscape elements like a tree or rock are $10

While it shouldn't take TOO long to complete a commission, unless an emergency comes up, if you want a commission to be completed by a certain time frame, I have a priority option available that guarantees the completion of your request in less than two weeks. Otherwise, assume I will complete the commission at my leisure. Priority is priced at $40

While I enjoy some artistic freedom, I would appreciate at least a base idea of what you want. I don't have any particular preferences either, though I do enjoy drawing asses.

Unless the client requests otherwise, ALL of my commissions are live-streamed so you can see the development of your request personally. I also provide WIP screenshots through notes/pms and on discord and on twitter.

If you become a patreon pledge, you will receive the benefit of a special commission discount, reducing the total price of your commission (With the exception of the priority option, which is a separate charge from the total)

$1 patreon pledges will have their commission price reduced by 10%

$5 patreon pledges will have their commission price reduced by 25%


https://tinyurl.com/ViciousTyrantTermsofService - Read the Terms of Service Here!

https://tinyurl.com/ViciousTyrantCommissionForm - Order a Commission using the form here!

ViciousTyrant#7578 - My Discord Number

https://twitter.com/TyrantKingVic - My Twitter

https://www.furaffinity.net/user/vicioustyrant/ - My Furaffinity where the bulk of my work currently resides

https://picarto.tv/ViciousTyrant - My picarto, where I livestream all of my commissions.

If there are any questions, send me a message somewhere and I'll get back to you when I can.